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Healthy Curiosity Video Series

This series was written and filmed in 2020 to share some of our favourite lab activities with students when classroom and lab visits were limited by the COVID-19 restrictions. Videos are between 10-30 minutes long and are a great supplement to classroom learning or pre-lab visits! Click on the topic below to watch a video and find related activities appropriate for your grade level!

If you’re even more curious about germs and infectious diseases like COVID-19, check out our new series, Tiny Germs, Big Questions.

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Thumbnail - Masks video

We’re curious about masks!

Germs video thumbnail

We’re curious about germs!

Brains video thumbnail

We’re curious about brains!

Heart video thumbnail

We’re curious about the heart!

Lungs thumbnail

We’re curious about lungs!

blood sugar thumbnail

We’re curious about diabetes and blood sugar!

Microscopes thumbnail

We’re curious about microscopes!

cells thumbnail

We’re curious about cells!


We’re curious about nutrients!


Questions about the COVID-19 vaccine


Your questions about viruses, COVID-19 and your immune system