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Science Odyssey Events 2021

Science Odyssey

Despite COVID-19 putting a halt to students visiting the BIOlab, we are still committed to promoting health and science literacy in Manitoba youth. Join the Youth BIOlab and Science Odyssey for a YouTube live stream to learn about heart research May 4 and 5, and brain research May 11 and 12. These live streams are available to anyone and are a great way to incorporate current science into your classroom lessons. These videos will be archived on our YouTube channel to watch if you can’t make it live!

Science Odyssey is a yearly national science engagement event sponsored by the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC). This year, Science Odyssey is being held from May 1-16.

Heart and brain diseases can affect anyone. Heart disease is responsible for almost one in three deaths in Canada, and over 747,000 Canadians are living with Alzheimer’s or another dementia. The Institute of Cardiovascular Sciences and the Division of Neurodegenerative Disorders at SBRC study many aspects of heart and brain diseases. The Youth BIOlab will share some of the ways that scientists try to understand these complex problems that affect many Canadians. They will explore how scientists use live cells to understand the cellular and molecular basis of heart and brain disease, and walk you through a heart dissection May 4-5 and brain dissection May 11-12 to see where things can go wrong!

Make sure to mark our live streams in your schedule and ask the Youth BIOlab some questions in their live chat!

Heart research from cell to system at St. Boniface Hospital Albrechtsen Research Centre

English – May 4, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM CDT

French – May 5, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM CDT

Meet a Scientist – Dr. Ian Dixon from St. Boniface Hospital Albrechtsen Research Centre

English – May 6, 1:00 PM – 2:00 pm CDT

Neuroscience from cell to system at St. Boniface Hospital Albrechtsen Research Centre

English – May 11, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM CDT

French – May 12, 1:00 PM – 2:30 PM CDT

Stephen C. Jones

Stephen C. Jones

Director, Youth BIOlab

Steve has always loved being a part of the curious group of people who work at the Albrechtsen Research Centre and enjoys sharing that curiosity with all of the people who come to the Youth BIOlab.

Steve started as a technician in Dr. Ian Dixon’s Molecular Cardiology Laboratory here at the Albrechtsen Research Centre way back in 1999. After a while, he decided he was more interested in teaching than lab work, so he went back to school for his education degree from the University of Manitoba in 2005. Looking to combine his passion for science and teaching, he came together with another St. Boniface scientist, Dr. Mark Torchia, to find ways to share science with our community. They partnered with the Louis Riel School Division to create the It’s All About Me partnership in 2005, and the success of this outreach work led to the development of the Youth BIOlab in 2013.

If you visit in October, take note: Steve’s Halloween costumes are legendary.

Meghan Kynoch

Meghan Kynoch

Program Coordinator, Youth BIOlab

Meghan really loves understanding how things work and finding ways to solve problems. She has always been curious about the human body and the factors that affect our health.

When she first joined St. Boniface Research in 2009 while studying biology and biochemistry at the University of Winnipeg, her job was to deliver the It’s All About Me program in the French language thanks to her excellent teachers and early education in French immersion at École Lorette Immersion and Collège Lorette Collegiate.

While working at the Youth BIOlab, Meghan completed a Bachelor of Education at the University of Manitoba and decided to stick around at the Youth BIOlab to continue sharing her curiosity and enthusiasm for health science and to keep learning from the newest health science research.

She also really likes animals.

Anjelica Bodnaryk

Anjelica Bodnaryk

Education Liaison, Youth BIOlab

Anjelica loves working at the Youth BIOlab because she gets to learn about current research, get students excited and curious about science, and think of new ways to bring science to your classroom or home. She always looks forward to interacting with you during your visit!

Anjelica has been passionate about science from a very young age, and it was clear from the beginning that she would pursue a career in science. Anjelica attended the University of Manitoba and obtained her bachelor of science (Hons) with a focus in cell, molecular and developmental biology. During her time at the U of M, she taught Biology 2 and The Flowering Plants labs and conducted a research study on the neurotoxicity of a common flame retardant. Through these experiences, she developed a great appreciation for teaching, botany, and neuroscience. The Albrechtsen Research Centre studies two of her science interests, brains and plants! After working here for nearly a year; she has added hearts to her list of interests and gets to bring all of this cool research to you and your students!

Anjelica is a flower enthusiast and loves petting your dog.


The RBC Youth BIOlab Jeunesse opened in 2013 thanks to the support of many donors, including major gifts from the RBC Foundation and Canada Safeway. We are grateful for the generous continuing support of our funding partners and the many donors who have supported us through gifts to the St. Boniface Hospital Foundation. These grants, donations and partnerships go directly to support health literacy through science education and help us provide authentic science experiences to students all across Manitoba.

You can read more about the impact of giving on the St. Boniface Hospital Foundation’s website. Thanks!

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