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Partnering with our community: It’s All About Me (IAAM)

Running in parallel with Youth BIOlab programming, It’s All About Me is a unique partnership with the Louis Riel School Division (LRSD) that brings programming into schools across the LRSD in English and French. The development of It’s All About Me in 2005 marked the beginning of the Research Centre’s formal outreach efforts, and this partnership model formed the basis for all of our work with schools and the development of the Youth BIOlab.

The name of this program, It’s All About Me, reflects the idea that the health science and medicine in the hospital and Research Centre have a personal connection to students and their science learning.

Programming mirrors elements of Youth BIOlab programming and is continually developed with classroom teachers. Meghan Kynoch coordinates the It’s All About Me programming, including in-school and Youth BIOlab visits for LRSD classes. Although COVID-19 prevents in-class visits, we would be pleased to arrange online activities or demonstrations with your class where possible.

For specific details on programming, please contact Meghan Kynoch.