Booking is now open for the 2022-2023 school year! We are excited to welcome full classes of grade 5-12 students back to the lab this year. Please complete a booking form here, and see the Programming & Booking page for more details.

Field Trips

The Youth BIOlab is looking forward to welcoming Grade 5-12s back to the lab for fall 2022-2023 and will continue to offer online interactive sessions for those interested in an alternative to in-person sessions.  

Under current COVID-19 restrictions, field trips to the Youth BIOlab will require all attendees to be screened and a field trip form to be filled out by the teacher prior to your arrival. The comfort and safety of staff and students who visit the Youth BIOlab is a priority and we will continue to monitor public health guidelines and school division policies and will update BIOlab safety guidelines and protocols accordingly throughout the school year.

Vaccination is NOT mandatory for visits to the Youth BIOlab at this time.

As students enter the Albrechtsen Research Centre they are to sanitize their hands and put on a medical-grade disposable mask before they proceed to the atrium.

The Youth BIOlab will provide masks and hand sanitizer.


Bringing your students to the BIOlab?

1. Read our comprehensive guide to visiting the BIOlab during COVID-19 restrictions below.

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2. All BIOlab visitors (staff and students) must fill out the Youth BIOlab COVID-19 Screening Form on the morning of your visit.

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3. Teachers must bring a copy of the Youth BIOlab Field Trip Form when you arrive verifying that all students have passed the COVID-19 screening.

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Directions and bus drop-off information

Youth BIOlab Jeunesse is located in the lower level of the St. Boniface Hospital Albrechtsen Research Centre at 351 Taché Avenue. The sign on top of the building says “Albrechtsen Research Centre” and is right next to the parking lot.

NOTE: As of June 1, 2022, bus access to the Research Centre has changed due to Emergency Department construction. Vehicles can no longer enter from Taché, and must enter at Goulet Place, off of Goulet St., next to St. Boniface Clinic. Please see the adjusted map on the BIOlab Visit Info Sheet.

Buses are asked to turn around in front of the Asper Clinical Research Building and pull up directly in front of the St. Boniface Hospital Albrechtsen Research Centre to let students off.
If you are bringing your class by:

BUS: Pull up to the front of the Albrechtsen Research Centre. Please stay in your seats on the bus until we wave you in.

OTHER: As students arrive, please stand socially distanced outside under the steps by the black Albrechtsen Research Centre sign to the right of the main entrance doors. Form a line next to the planter. Please wait there until we wave you in.

Student safety and behaviour expectations

The St. Boniface Hospital Albrechtsen Research Centre is a basic medical research facility. This means that our research laboratories use biohazards, radiation and hazardous chemicals in our daily work. Classes visiting Youth BIOlab Jeunesse will not be entering any research labs as part of their visit.

The BIOlab is modelled after other labs at the Research Centre and may contain similar hazards. Every effort is made to minimize the risks of potentially hazardous equipment and materials to students. All students will receive a safety orientation prior to entering the BIOlab, but we also ask that teachers address the following guidelines with students prior to your visit:

Safety rules must be followed: The BIOlab is under the same safety rules and regulations as all of our research labs:

  • Follow all instructions carefully, ask questions if you don’t understand instructions
  • Do not touch anything in the lab or building unless instructed
  • Students with long hair should have it tied back for the visit
  • Appropriate clothing must be worn: No shorts or sandals. Closed-toed footwear should be worn
  • Noise and behaviour: Usual indoor voices aren’t a problem, but this is part of a working building and we do need to be aware of those around us
  • Chairs in the meeting room and lab are intentionally distanced, please stay seated in the spot the chair is in – no rolling the chairs around the lab or crowding together
  • Please keep your masks on until you exit the building or are instructed to by your teacher. Wait for instructions from Youth BIOlab staff regarding proper glove and goggle removal

Please watch this video prior to your visit: